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I'm so excited you're here! My goal is always to be as transparent as possible, so here are my most frequently asked questions. If there's something that I haven't covered below, then please email and me or someone from my team will get back with you as soon as possible!


How should I come to my appointment? 

A clean, fresh face and clean blown dried hair is ideal! 

If you are someone who washes your hair every day, please wash it the morning of your appointment. If you can go a few days per week between washing, shampoo and completely blow dry the night before to avoid any section of your hair from laying funky. 

How long will my trial take and when should I book it?

Trial runs typically go for 90 minutes to two(2) hours - depending on what all you are wanting to accomplish!  

I recommend booking a trial 3-4 weeks out from your wedding to keep ideas fresh, and my product lineup and your skin/hair color as close to what it will be on your wedding day!

Please note while booking your trial that Saturdays are reserved for weddings only. 

*Trial runs are reserved for booked clients only. 

How long will it take for us to get ready the morning of the wedding?

Great question!! Ideally I love to have around 35/40 minutes a bridesmaid and up to an hour and a half for my brides with one assistant helping me. This time can be cut down by adding on a second assistant! 

What should I wear/  bring to my trial? 

I highly recommend wearing all white and a wide-neck shirt. This really helps create a bridal experience both mentally and aesthetically at your trial while you're deciding on a look. Feel free to bring your earrings and veil if you would like to see everything all together! 
I also recommend getting a spray tan before your trial if you plan on having  a tan for wedding day. Makeup can look different on tanned skin! 

Bring inspirational pictures for your hair and make up! It's ideal to find pictures of girls with a similar skin tone, hair, and eye color to you!! 

How many assistants will I need for my wedding day? 

I always bring one assistant for parties over 5 people. I highly recommend bringing a second assistant for parties over 10 people, or if there is a time constraint! Please know that good hair and make up takes TIME. Our goal is to give you the BEST hair and make up without having to start at the crack of dawn or feel like we rushed through you or your bridesmaids.

Can I do my trial run for my engagement pictures or before a tea/shower?

I recommend doing your bridal trial completely separate from engagement pictures or anything else for several reasons. The main one being is to do a full on trial run and then completely change your hair/make up after for a different event takes TIME. Then, brushing out that updo to wear it down/curled isn't fun for anyone! We want your bridal wedding day hamu to be special and not show everyone what you'll look like for your special day. Bridal hamu tends to be more detailed than engagement pictures, ect. 

I've never been told, "wow- you look so beautiful!" more in my entire life. Danielle pays close attention to detail, but at the same time has such a calming effect that every bride needs! -Ella

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